10 martie 2015

My Journey Journal - First day. When I came in Muscat: Chisinau - Dubai - Oman

I did not know what was happening to me. I have not written anything lately. I do not know why ?! But I knew that when I go on vacation, I hope you will come back and write some more. I'll get some rest and inspiration will come. Long wanted such a journey, a change of air, social, cultural, and why not the traditions and customs. This trip was a godsend for me. You have total peace and relaxation.
I decided to write a diary of my journey in the Arab world. This journey has been long awaited by me. I had to go in Oman last year, but it was not to be. But 2013 brought good luck on the trip to Oman.
Winter holidays to spend in a different country. I hope that 2014 would bring me a year richer and the many changes that the previous year that was. I do not believe I'll go on a vacation.

Number of months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds, that day will come soon when I go with my dad, sister. I started reading about Oman and Dubai.

Preparation was in full swing, with stress, worry and nerves are all fully developed. Tickets were ready, luggage were made, expected to go quickly. My emotions grew intense.

December 15th, 2013 at 2:45 p.m., I ticket to Dubai, and from there we flew to Oman. Work colleagues wished me farewell, and no wonder you do not go back. It was an interesting and amusing joke. I do not know if I will respect their request because I am not sitting too thought me to find a groom. I went to see my family and then to rest, and to know another world than in Chisinau.
With luggage in hand, we rushed to the airport. First flight. I was feeling great, I was afraid the plane, but by me lest I be sick or have panic height. But I wanted adrenaline. I love the adrenaline, as love life to the fullest.
I successfully passed passport control and customs. My father was nervous and he would give me a drink. Trying to calm him down but could not. I waited in the hall, waiting for Chisinau Airport. My emotions were justified, but I could not calm myself I left to manifest their will. Tata meantime calmed. It was last seen bureaucracy and stupidity from us.
Before boarding I still had half an hour, I had no patience at all. I wanted to climb faster plane. There were passengers flying in winter holiday in Dubai. How to Chisinau I have not managed to write anything, only the plane began to describe the beautiful landscape that I saw the plane above the clouds. All passengers flying to Oman, we boarded a Boeing 737-800. Weather, yet not changed, it was cold and gloomy. I did not care what the weather was like outside, anyway I go in the sun and warm. Do not take a few minutes and take off the plane. I felt like flying butterflies, but it was not long until we saw fluffy white clouds high above. Up to climb up the attitude, I felt a slight pressure. But it passed quickly. It crossed my emotions and panic that something will happen plane. After several days of cloudy weather in Chisinau, I saw the sun shining and emitted intense heat and indescribable views.

Fluffy white clouds as a sugar sweet wool, you wanted to eat and play with them. I looked up and down and could not see land. The ground was covered with clouds. Clouds were under our place. She felt small turbulence during flight which lasted a few seconds. I looked carefully at the plane and I felt the plane goes low speed, but really going at high speed. I could not take his eyes off the glass views second that I saw during the flight, I was not hungry or thirsty.

I already came to write something interesting ideas. But I noted in my notebook. The strong sun beating me in the eyes with its rays. Unfortunately I was not at my glasses were in the suitcase. When I saw so landscape, I started to write everything I see around me. I was impressed with what I see. I found out later route through many countries had to go over.
The landscape was becoming more beautiful.
They were the many countrymen of ours who spoke in Russian and Romanian, flew to rest in Dubai.
I've never been in Dubai, do not know how it looked in reality, only what I read or what I looked through movies. I waited with baited breath to get to the airport in Dubai.
The atmosphere was very relaxing flight, people were sleeping, reading, eating or watching an interesting movie. Money could buy food or movie, music and more wanted to buy. The ticket is cheap, but the food, movies, music is paid.
Stewardesses people swarmed around the plane, each asked what they wanted, and even wanted food or drink. They were very nice, friendly and smiling with everyone.
I tried to sleep a little, but I could not come away looking from the window of the plane. I tried to go through the route of the aircraft, to see all the countries in which we move us.
We passed on Negre- Sea Turkey- Iraq- Kuwait - Gulf Persic- we left behind Brahain - Qatar and Dubai.
Outside is sleep, see the light of the above cities, fires ignited by people who were offshore boat. It was magnificent. We see the moon with sunrise on the horizon and the sun was setting. It was dark. I did not feel tired at all. Ater waiting to plane, we emotion. I wanted to see another world. As in the story of "Arabian Nights", to feel the smell of incense, to feel the pulse of that world.
The plane descended slowly, reaching the landing. The plane descended slowly. Until I saw Dubai night. It was splendid, Dubai was lit, every street, every building and main motorway linking Dubai with other cities. It was nice around. A stewardess announces to prepare for takeoff. The plane landed with speed went to his place, where he had to stand. In Dubai planes taking off and landing one after another. Each has his schedule. For all countries in which the route. We stopped in place. They came aircraft stairs. The world is ready to take his place each item. It was a lot of people. The plane was full of passengers. I do not know if they were all in Dubai or had other purpose. I expected to descend world so we can get out of us. People moved slowly, one after another .. I felt a slight fatigue, mixed with excitement I got thirsty and hungry.
We look forward to deplane. When I got out, I smelled the smell of hot air, the smell of incense and of another life. It was 10:45 p.m. hour. I had to desire. When you're in a new place, make a wish, and I put that desire.
We boarded the bus and took us over to Terminal 1 and 2. Most people have descended from Terminal 1 But those who remained went down to Terminal 2, which connects other destination in the Middle East and beyond. It was a lot of people in the Arab world, waiting to go to their homes. They looked at us as something new. But we look at them as savages. I was hungry, I removed the bag package food and I ate some boiled eggs and sandwiches, made by me. I was going to the toilet. They took him first and then I went myself. Here the people speak either Arabic or in English.
The Dubai airport is in English or Arabic speaking times and in other languages ​​if you ask them.
I could have done pretty well.
Dad went to reception tickets that we move on to another terminal, that we take our plane to Oman. We plane at 3:45. The reception asked us where and where we cover. I explained that we buy a visa at the destination, ie in Oman. They gave us tickets and checked baggage. I entered the terminal at sea. It was festive atmosphere. Christmas tree was înpodobit. Everyone who saw him photograph him. It was a lot of people. I liked terminal, that was many shops, cafes, pharmacies, where you could have fun and ride quietly as a mall.
We were supposed to leave at about 3:45. We stayed long in terminal. I was already tired because I have not slept, drank coffee and not lose sleep aircraft. People came and went.
The planes take off and land. 24/24 hard work to maximum.
We took off to Oman. Duration 1:45 Duabi -Muscat of minute.Sa mixed emotion fatigue. Just wanted anything, I wanted to go faster and to sleep.
1:45 He passed quickly, and we saw all those present in the realm of Oman flights. It was night. People slept in the terminal, others waiting to go to destination.
We expect to come departure time in Oman. I had expected a further 2 hours before we embark.
By 3:45 I was flying. Stayed at 3:00 we embark on that in half an hour, to be on the plane.
In an hour I was in Muscat International airoport. It took a visa and passport control quickly. We asked the purpose of our visit in Muscat. We saw in the bosom of my family. New sensations new realm. Emotions mixed with fatigue. I did not feel nimc. New place, new emotions and new country for me. Desire exploitation which was the maximum. I wanted to cutrier everything. You know everything.

To be continued

4 martie 2015

Muscat International Book Fair, 20th edition, 27 February - 7 March 2015

In the period 27 February to 7 March 2015 at the Exhibition Centre in Muscat opened the 20th edition of Muscat International Book Fair. In this edition participated in many Publishing Lebanon, Qatar, UAE and Oman. Books were both in Arabic and in English.It sells and books for children of all ages. You can choose.

 When I found her opening, I enjoyed enormously. I wanted to go alone than to see what is sold and bought myself some books.
I did not know and Omani population read books, I really enjoyed it. It was a lot of people in the exhibition book sale that purchased books of all kinds, from classic novels to books on art. You can choose only to have money in your pocket.
I bought eight classic novels and poetry greek interesting.
I had fun and I was glad when I saw so many interesting books and people reading the book.
There are also book lovers.